Been biking for some time.

A motorcycle is a passion but also a tool, a workhorse for daily use under old-continental weather conditions.
After years on several V-engines (some XV’s, a V-Strom) once again a good old carb oxygenated cycle, the Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit, K6.

This choice was dual.
After the torque-rich V-Strom (brilliant bike, great work horse, injection) I wanted once again (while it still is possible) a good carb breathing motorcycle. Of cource with enough power low- & midrange, but above all combined with plenty of useful torque. That was the main reason why I always chose for a V-shaped engine.

Could it be a four-in-line?
Nop,... the Gixxer is not an option, not even my cuppa tea though it is the most useful streetlegal but Radillon-ready sportsbike for daily use.

I knew for some time that it was going to be a Bandit.
As there is only one best carb-breathing 1200 Bandit (build only in 2006 / K6), it took some patience to find one.

And when I was brabling once again about : “Damn, where are the days of the carburators”... there it was in the showroom of my favorite motorcycle shop.
The last carburated Bandit and the first with a beeped-up bodywork including some usefull tech advancements (longer bridge aso).
Roundabout 100 horsepower and 100 Nm torque (aftermarket exhaust) is just what I need. I believe that the 100/100 rule is a good consensus for daily use.
This MK3 Bandit was sold during only 1 year, than came the 1250 injected engine. That 1250 is brilliant, but today not my cuppa tea. I want old style carbs.
So I sold the injected V-Strom after 60K loyal services and returned to simplicity. (Don’t ya dare to say: “Like it’s owner” ;-)
And for a first time, I actually payed to ride a four-in-line. Blasphemy? Not with the Soez.

The fairly priced and decent second hand bike only had about 25K km, what is just enough to be healthy, not enough to wear it out in any way.
As it has to serve during winter, it got an extra jacket to cover the engine and an extra windscreen. Good for a start. Here some early pics...






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