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Linking to more collections of free software.

Links on this page refer to providers of third party software. The websites I link to are known as safe and free of malware.
 The software they promote should always be evaluated BY YOU before installation to make sure that is is (free and) safe software.

musthave nondisputandum comPaint_NET
Paint.Net: The Washington State University gave Microsoft a helping hand in developing the old Paint software into a potent paint tool.
Consider it a “must have” upgrade to Windows.

The Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation program) is perfect for photo retouching, manipulation, compositions & authoring. Lots of plug-ins are available.

Inkscape is German open source free software that is vector based and says to compete with stuff like Coreldraw and Xara. It works fine and it is free !!!

Photo Pos Pro editor was once payware, now again freeware. And it does more than edit pictures. You can work from scratch like in expensive tools. It can not compete with major tools like Photoshop but who cares. It does more than many will ever use and it is free.



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IcoFX is Romanian donateware to draw your own icones.
It’s free, extremely tiny and does a good job.
What dou you need more?
Perhaps a tool to dray a cursor?
Try their twin software: AniFx

Blender is free open source 3D content creation suite.
Under GNU public license.

SourceForge Lightscreen screencapture is open source freeware/donateware, that does more than capture a screen. It helps you organize your screen captures in any map of your choice.

zs4 zweistein
ZS4 Video editing, once known as Zweistein, is a good free editor and compositor with many build-in effects.

PhotoRazor is a brilliant free tool to slim down a series of pictures.
Ideal for webmasters or peoeple who need to upload pictures in series.


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