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Reviewing a collection of free software & websites

There no intention of giving a compete overview of available free software. This is the stuff I use and trust, many for years, some for decades. Always evaluate the software before installation to make sure that is is still free software. Careful to never install toolbars & additional software.


  • Spaw Editor (Sourceforge) works with most browsers.
  • Tiny MCE : OPensource javascript HTML editor.

OFFICE SOFTWARE IN THE CLOUD: : Diagram & flow-chart software, SWOT analysis, floor-plans & technical drawing.

Google Docs : Write documents online, store & share them online.
Exemple : See my Google Docs.

Num Sum : Webbased spreadsheet. Easy to share.

Tada List : Make & manage TO-DO lists online.

Snipshot : Webbased picture editor. They also offer a payware PRO version.


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Google Labs : When you can’t get enough, Google Labs is one of the major sources. Check this out but always keep in mind that Google started as a company that collects information, your information.x

Windows Sysinternals:
Sysinternals Live is a service that enables you to execute Sysinternals tools directly from the Web without hunting for and manually downloading them.
See it live on
See also Clean and Repair for more Sysinternal info. : Share content & files online. Free storage (lite) account.

FlockDraw : Offers a small virtual server to share your drawings and draw together.




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