Chill out, relax and enjoy yourself to keep the fire burning.
These are some examples of adrenaline moments where I really enjoyed myself (refueled my tank) and that I’d (narcissistically) like to share.

What’s worth sharing about this?
When a hobby becomes a second (third) job, and the job feels like a hobby,...
Consider yourself a fortunate human being. But don’t don’t burn your candle on both ends.
Take time on a regular basis to do absolutely nothing, time to sit still and enjoy the tranquility of body and mind.

GSX-R 25th anniversary World contest

With some friends, we organized a contest for Suzuki GSX-R supersport motorcycles to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary GSX-R.
We got the support of several partners (motorcycle magazine, Bridgestone Tyres, Eybis, Valvoline oils and of course Suzuki Belgium.)

It provides no food in the stomach but nourishes the spirit so much more to see hundreds of people having a blast during a sunny day. With this team, we are holding the World record of Suzuki gathering, a 2000 motorcycles mass start and other events where the motorcycle is central (read more - read more)

After months of preparation and days of hard work, a team of friends celebrated a wonderful experience, shared with hundreds of motorcycle riders.

Find more on the website that I build for the purpose :

(You can see a glimpse of me in the beginning of the clip, pointing with the left hand and giving some instructions.)

The video clip was made by another volunteer.


For several years now, three friends ride out throughout Europe.

Once a year, all obligations can wait while we leave our PDA’s at home, shut down cell phones and measure the time by the position of the sun.

Last years, we traveled through Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Estland, Letland, Poland, Hungaria, Tsjechia, Slovakia, Austria and France. This summer, we’ll go 2500 km down to the south of Portugal through France and Spain. During these intense ride-outs, we not only encounter the others but also ourselves. It’s a kinda mental challenge & cleaning ritual.

Interesting to know is that the 3 riders live relatively far from each other, in 2 countries, and only see each other few times a year.

This simple video clip was shot with an ordinary camera taped on my Suzuki VStrom, riding behind my friends Jo and Luke while crossing an Austrian Alp.

The video takes almost 10 minutes.
Feel like riding with us? (Running away from the monster of loch Balaton;-)


Fly out : Hang on a propellor at 80 km/h.

When a friend, who owns a ULM flight school, invites you to take some video samples during a flight over Flanders, the answer is yes. The plane was a Eurostar.

This video was shot during a slow flight where the speed was reduced to only 80 km/h and the plane finally “hangs on it’s propellor” until it roars down to pick up speed.


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