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The best way to check if a website is kosher/clean/hallal is check for the appreciation by others.
This website is not a major player but some nice folks did give their opinion about my efforts to give you honest information.
Several sites that quoted / linked to Nondisputandum have stopped over the years. Their logos have been removed from this page.
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University of Birmingham

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Kelly Adams

Wrote : Safe Surfing: So what to do? Like I said, there are several solutions.
The best listing and reviews of their various pros and cons I've found
is at
Plus, I also enjoy Latin, and their name can be loosely translated as
"There is no accounting for taste or color".

Family Friendly sites
Wrote : Protect & Secure Windows with free software? The best trustworthy freeware to secure your internet activities. Reviews & links.

Seniornet Napier (Inc)
Wrote : For information on software for dealing
wih spyware and other malware

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Limburg Esparanto
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Wrote : More than 200 links & useful sites.
Info : Dubber collects 2000 links to websites.
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