MannekePisOnly the few remaining (authentic) Brusseleirs understand and speak the local flemish dialect:

  • Schramoulendief: A man who steals what he can put his hands on. A “dief” is a thief.
    Schramoul” is a small bit of coal that fell of train transports, that poor Brussels inhabitants harvested during World War 2.
  • Bruuke: (little brother) or “Tischke” is a friendly way to name your (male) Brussels friend.
  • Meike: An old woman
  • Peike: An old man.
  • A street dog in Brussels is named a “Zinneke”.
  • A male born in Brussels is named a “Ket” or (small “Ket”) “Ketje”.
  • A female is named a “Mokke”, a gorgeous looking female is named a “schuun Mokke”.
  • A man who does dirty business is called a “Foefeleir”.
  • A stupidly disturbing person is called a “Paljas”. Yes,.. some former presidents would respond to the description.

    Bob (USA) wrote me: ‘Our president (Bush jr.) is not stupid. He's better described as "clever as a fox". Don't sucker for that commie bullshit that he's stupid - he's playing with your head with that "good ol' country boy" act of his. I know because I live in Texas and had him for governor. Don't you be stupid and underestimate him.’
    Nondisputandum: ‘Who said that I was referring to YOUR president? In fact,... I was!’
  • A loud mouth is called a “Gruut Bakkes”.
  • A webmaster who makes terrible sites could be named a “Skieven Architek”. This is a nickname given to the architect Mr. Poelaert and those day’s politicians who destroyed in the 1860’s the entire ancient upper city (the Marollen) to build a megalomaniac palace of justice. Nowadays the Eurocrats enjoy the same pleasure. For their breathing space, we destroyed the entire (eastern) Leopold quaters after we destroyed the entire North Quarters in the seventies. Wasteland, 2 minutes on foot from the heart of the city, the ancient Grand Place, worldwide recognized to be the most beautifull.
    Yes,... we have more than one Ground Zero’s in our Beautiful Bouncing Brussels.

More Brussels words and expressions in the ancient (in extinction) Brussels-Flemish (Dutch) dialect.

  • Armoei: poverty
  • Afschrabsel - afschrabben: removal by scratching - to remove / to scractch
  • Aike pelle: Taking care of a confronting matter (Literally: Taking the external hull of a boiled egg)
  • Aike pelle mè aa: Dealing with you after you did something wrong.
  • Ajoën: Onion,.. also used to name a stupid person
  • Aleï - Aleï?: A stop-word similar to the english word “so” - also used to express surprize “gosh”.
  • Ambras - Ambrasmoeker: Quarrel - Quarrel maker
  • Babeleir: A person who likes to go on brabbling, talking a lot.
  • Bastoed: A un-natural child,... similar to “bastard”.
  • Biest - Wille biest: Animal - wild animal / also “a brutal person”
  • Bleinké - blinquér: Shine brightly - or when you’re all tidied up to go to a party you have to “blinquér”.
  • Bloempansch: Sausige based on meat, wheat and blood.
  • Bobonne - Bobonneke: Grandma - also to name a gentle old lady.
  • Boentje - Boentje hebben: To have a “boentje” (a bean) for someone means “Liking him/her a lot”.
  • Boestring: Smoked haring
  • Broebele - broebeleir: Not speaking fluently - a person not speaking fluently
  • Brol: Garbage - not worth anything
  • Brollemarchand: A salesman selling bad products
  • Caberdouche: House of pleasure (subjective) - an pub where you can grab a bite (objective)
  • Carabistouilles: Non sense - taking non sense
  • Caricolle: Eatable snales - still sold on street corners
  • Casserol- prescasserol: Kettle - pressure kettle
  • Castaar: A tough man, an impressive person
  • Chic - Bon chic bon genre: Fancy - High society - wanna be high society
  • Copainke: Dear friend, literally meaning “my little friend”.
  • Couque - Koek: Cake
  • Coukeloere: Gazing (at something at someone)
  • Couekeloeren haan: “male poeltry” (couceloere = the noise it makes)
  • Cramique - Kramiek: White bread with raisins
  • Crotje - Maa Crotje: Friendly name: “my dear”, “my precious”, “honey bee”,...
  • Dikke nek: (fat neck) Arrogant, someone who is acting superior
  • Drache - Drache national: Hard rain
  • Druuge lèver: (Dry liver) meaning “I’m thursty” - I have a “druuge lèver”.
  • Deugeneit: Good for nothing - also more friendly naming a kinda “Huckleberry Finn” person.
  • Ette fretter - Hette frette: Literally: “Eating up your heart” - always complaining - nagging.
  • Faire de son nez: Literal traduction in French of the Flemish “Van zijn neus maken” (making it off his nose) means complaining with or without good reason
  • Faro: Spontanious low fermented beer - basis of Geuze - with sugar.
  • Filet Americain: Raw chopped steak - I’ll make ‘filet American’ of you - means: “I’ll hurt you badly’.
  • Floche: Some textile hanging - on a string.
  • Floche (moin Floshe): My male organ. Pen!s
  • Fransquilion: A Flemish - upper class - person speaking French in public as a token of superiority.
  • Gatlekker: Ars l!kker - trying to be in someone’s gratitude “rubbing the sleeve of his/her shirt”
  • Godverdoeme: G0d damned
  • Haimelaaik: Behind the back - not trustworthy (The equivalent of “Stoemelings” though “Haimelaik” has a more negative connotation.)
  • Haimelaiken doiker: A man who is not trustworthy.
  • In de patatte (vallen): Fainting (literally: falling in the potatoes)
  • Kiekefretter: The official nickname of a Brusseleir (literally: Chicken eater). There even is a brotherhood of the “Kiekefretters”.
  • Kiekekot: Hen house - where poeltry live
  • Kiekekot (2):Where lots of people are assembled and loudly speak all at once. No one can hear what the other says.
  • Klashkop: Balled head
  • Kluutzak: (Literally meaning “skin around the test!ckles) Arse h0le
  • Maaveeger: (rubbing the sleeve of his/her shirt) Ars l!kker - trying to be in someone’s gratitude
  • Kot: A shack, a small construction often in the back of a garden.
  • Kot (2): Rented room for a student (“Op Kot” : Living in a rented room for students)
  • Kotmadam: The (female) housekeeper of the student’s room
  • Krimineilstrontzat - StrontKrimineilZat: Literally meaning “Criminally drunk like sh!t”
    (KSZ or SKZ on a medical file means that you entered the ER totally drunk)
  • Lawaaitmoeker: A noisy person - a loud disturbing person
  • Mankepuut: A physically handicapped person - literally: limb legged
  • Mamzèl - mamzèlleke: Madam - Mademoiselle - a young woman
  • Mettekoo: Meaning: “You’re kinda disturbingly stupidish” - also friendly used among friends when one fu<ked-up. “Godverdoeme se mettekoo”
  • Moilezel: A mule - also used as an insult
  • Moutche - maa moutche - mou ma: My mother.These expressions origin from the Spanish dominated era based on the word “madre”.
  • On de contoir plekke: Glued to a bar - drinking a lot
  • Panch - dikke panch: Belly - fat belly (literally “Panch” means “sausige”)
  • Pateike: Literally a small cake with lotsa cream - used to name a weirdly acting person. “You are à - Gaa zaat è pateike
  • Pitjesbak: The wooden case used to play the dices
  • Plattekeis: White cheese - also named a person’s skin colour that is not sun-tanned
  • Potschaiter: An ar$eh0le (schaiten means to sh!t - pot means jar - or kettle.)
  • Rolleke bolleke: Making love. Literally: Rolling over each other until you can’t figure out which limb belongs to which person.
  • Schandoel: Scandal
  • Schampavie: I’m gone, going away. I’m “schampavie”.
  • Slaptitude: A moment of physical weakness
  • Snotneus: Where do you think the word “snotnose” comes from?
  • Smeirlap: Dirtbag - in all it’s perceptions ;-)
  • Snul - snulleke: Not very bright person - kinda stupid
  • Snol: A woman acting se><ually attractive for other than friendly reasons. Frequently these women suffer from a Borderline personality.
  • Snollen: Money.
  • Stoefer: Bragging person
  • Stoef stinkt - Aaige stoef stinkt: Expression: “Bragging - about yourself - smells bad”.
  • Stoemelings: Doing something without others knowing it.
  • Stoemp: Mashed potatoes (often with mashed vegetables, a typical Brussels mean included a sausage)
  • Taluurlekker: A person that acts/lives like a parasite. (Licking in another’s dish)
  • Teiluur: Dish plate
  • Trek (maa/aa) plan: Do it (myself/yourself) without expecting any help.
  • Vees: Dirty, uggle
  • Veeze smoel: Ugly face
  • Vogelpik: Darts game
  • Vogelpik: In a medical context, “vogelpik” means giving an injection to an physically agitated person where it is impossible to aim.
  • Volle petrol / volle gaas: At high speed - meaning “Let’s go”
  • Zattekul: What a dunk person is talking about... nothing serious
  • Ziever : Literally meaning salive. In context meaning what a person says that is unpleasant of untrue.
  • Zievereer: Insult to person who is saying something unpleasant or untrue.
  • Zjat - Zjat kaffe: Cup - Cup of coffee
  • Zwans: Typical Brussels humor,.. explaining something with a “zwans” so one cannot be angry about what he says...
    It’s only a “zwans”, nothing to take in the first degree.

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