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Webbrowsing is still a matter of security and compatibility but less than it was before.

Today, browsing is more and more a matter of taste, affinity and (why not) life style.
Feel free to use several browsers alongside each other. After a while you’ll find out which one serves you best.
Do you want compatibility with Microsoft products, hi-tech integration of tools, overall performance or exclusivity? Have fun!
There are more browsers, but these four share most of the market together.

firefox eats expmorerMozilla Firefox

Firefox, is the only real competitor for Microsoft Internet Explorer when it comes to the number of users. Firefox is my daily browser. The days that is was not compatible with some web-codes is long forgotten. If Mozilla’s Firefox would not exist, I would use Opera as daily browser.

There are many Firefox add-ons :

On their secured host , you will find add-ons for Adobe, Adobe Flash, Java, Quicktime, Realplayer (I am not fond of Realplayer), Shockware and even Windows Meda Player.

Speed up Mozilla Firefox
(advanced users with broadband only)
This is general knowledge, not my personal finding.

Boost the speed by using several connections at the same time. Personally I would keep the pipelining below 50 because it puts extra pressure on the hosting server. Feel free to give it a try if you are not afraid of altering the config:

Where you would write the URL in the browser, you write: about:config
ENTER and Scroll down to adapt the values of the following set-ups:

>network.http.pipelining > change the value to TRUE

>network.http.pipelining.maxrequest >
change the value to a higher number (example: 25 = contact requests)

> network.http.proxy.pipelining> change the value to TRUE

> create an new variable by right-clicking and selecting: NEW > INTEGER.
> this variable is to be given the name: nglayout.initialpaint.delay and secondly the value:0

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opera browser complete solutionOpera

This is the most innovative of all browsers. They implement tools that other browser builders only dream about. They implemented a mail client while others still worked on a stand alone mail client. Opera is the first to implement (partial) antivirus protection (AVG) in it’s browser. So if you want the most hi-tech browser,... this is your pick. They can equally claim to give you the fastest browser on Earth.

internet explorer2Internet Explorer

Oh well,... everybody drinks Coca Cola. Should I do so or drink Pepsi? The days that I stated that the Microsoft browser was crap no longer exist. But I never was hot for this browser. Today Microsoft offers a stable browser, still used by a majority of people worldwide. When you use Microsoft products online, like Outlook, than IE is still the best choice to stay compatible.

Apple Safari

safari browserBuild for Apple Mac but also available in a Windows compatible jacket. It’s the browser that I use on my (never as old as a PC compatible computer) Powerbook. Apple does not have to take lessens in innovation from any other browser builder. And they even have Microsoft’s Bing integrated as a choice for search engine, what IMHO is a good reason to ask a divorce. (Oops sorry, mixing emotions ;-) So try Safari, just for the fun and perhaps your next computer will be a Mac? Why not, considering that your iTunes, iPod and iPhone are also Apple (Mac) products.

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