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Reviewing a collection of free software & websites

There no intention of giving a compete overview of available free software. This is the stuff I use and trust, many for years, some for decades. Always evaluate the software before installation to make sure that is is still free software. Careful to never install toolbars & additional software.

READ FIRST : Note from

No need for me to chew again on what others demonstrate better.
Below is integrated an audit page from AuditMyPc.
I have no access to this information. (It’s a plug-in that only you see.) It demonstrates what is free available once you go online.

Example : The IP address of your router is visible to all. Even GPS coordinates and a google map are available. Well,... true! It gives your IP address, what is like your private phone number of your house address. However, it does not show where you live but where the server of your provider is hosted that links you to the internet.
Should you be worried? At least be aware!
Do not feel obliged to follow the proposed solutions by AuditMyPc.

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TOOLS to regain your anonymity :

  • TOR anonymity online is free software, supported by (they claim) hundreds of thousands of users.
    The technique is to let you bounce your communications around a network of relays, run by volunteers.
  • JAP AN-ON does about the same thing and is of German origin from the university of Regensburg.
    As they say: “Anonymity is not a crime”. Personally, I choose this tool as the background seems to offer the best ethic guarantee.


The inclusion of the page from an EXTERNAL source (not here below is a demonstration of what is known about you.
To find out more about yourselves (and others) based on the IP adress, go to the WHIOS page.


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