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And now for something completely different : “Do the Rorschach”
This test is used by psychologists to see if you are as weird as you think you are.

Is it ethical to show this test? Yes, I believe it is, because in this information era, it is common knowledge. We all know that we should see lovely animals, harmful figures or non-exiting human silhouettes, not monsters or sexually related stuff, in order to give a good impression.
It’s about time for the next best personality test.

A father and son thing : The son’s favorite song by dad’s favorite band.
“Sometimes I feel like screaming”.

Those days, we enjoyed together Deep Purple’s 40th anniversary. At the first tune of this song, my son (than 16) did no longer freak-out but he stared like frozen to the band, as in trance. Than he wept a tear and I knew that he was fine. Here above a live version similar to what the son and father experienced a few days after this video was shot. But perhaps you prefer a classic orchestrated version with the London Symphonic? Than observe the support musicians. The ‘crème de la crème’ of classic rock. If you recognize them,... you’re as old a fart as I am.

My favorite pieve of classic music : The 9th symphony of Beethoven.
What if Beethoven would live today? He was a rocker “avant la lettre”!

Enjoy this live rock version of the London Philharmonics starring Ritchie Blackmore.
By the way: It’ is also the anthem of the European Union aka the “Ode to Joy”.

Favorite bogus lyrics : Black Night.
The lyrics go about absolutely nothing.

Black night is not right. I don’t feel so bright. Black night is a long way from home.” But this early seventies black & white video is awesome. A brilliant rock band, a simple stage, singing about absolutely nothing and yet almost blowing away the roof. Starring Deep Purple MK2.

Favorite rock cover : Iron man (Black Sabbath) by Metallica
This is a really weird performance.

Metallica plays as only Black Sabbath could try to do better. But the audience is filled with old folks of my age sitting at tables covered with white cloth. Men in a tuxedo and women under paint acting important. And among that crowd,... The rebellious lead singer of Black Sabbath and author of the song, Ozzy Ozbourne. The evening was the introduction of Black Sabbath in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Here an original original live version dating from 1970.



Et si Omnes Ego non
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